Bumgarner Winery & Vineyard

In 1993, Brian Bumgarner began his journey in wine as a man wearing many hats. He was a tasting room manager, wine sales consultant, bottling line attendant, and held a spare palette for wine blending trials. Being curious, Brian had asked the head winemaker if he had extra grapes to spare to make his own wine. He was gifted with enough grapes to make just one barrel of Zinfandel.

That curiosity had grown into a new passion. Brian found himself starting a new life in the wine world. In 2005, and he made that dream a reality by releasing his first vintage of El Dorado Cabernet Sauvignon. His passion was immediately well-received. One Sacramento restauranteur stated, “beautifully magnificent and intense … with quality far exceeding typical expectations of a Foothill Cabernet”.

In 2010 Brian and his wife Jennifer Bumgarner opened their first tasting room in Camino, California, located in the Sierra Nevada foothills below Lake Tahoe. Here Brian expanded to growing and creating wines from Tempranillo, Pinot Noir, Petite Sirah grapes, and a Bordeaux-style blend named Many Hands. The focus was on both elegance and sustainability. They launched the Silver Fork wine label, a series of wines in environmentally-friendly wines. meant to be a staple on the table like a silver fork. Bumgarner Wines capture the story of devotion in a bottle and how curiosity can spark a new passion.

In 2017 the Bumgarner’s purchased a 30-acre vineyard in Fair Play, California. The newly established Bumgarner Winery and Vineyards now produced varieties such as Sémillon and Chenin Blanc. In 2021 Brian became the second recipient of the Winemaker of the Year Award from Wine Snob Blog.

Brian & Jennifer invite you to join them for this “Bucket List” trip to Croatia. This once-in-a-lifetime program combines a 7-night land tour from Zagreb to Split, followed by a 7-night deluxe yacht cruise to Dubrovnik aboard the 19-cabin vessel AURELIA. We’ll visit Croatia’s most beautiful islands on the Adriatic Sea.

On board will be an ample provision of Bumgarner wines, along with local Croatian vintages. This exclusive holiday is dedicated to great food, fine wine and plentiful sunshine. Join us for this once-in-a-lifetime wine and travel experience. Feel free to share this website with any like-minded friends.

Contact – Heather McLemore
Direct Line – 1-714-975-8167
Email – Heather@Expanding-Horizons.com

Please Note: This Croatia — Jewel of the Adriatic 2025 wine tasting cruise/tour was created for Bumgarner Winery by our tour operator, Expanding Horizons of Tustin, CA in conjunction with Katrina Line. This is an exclusive private itinerary and is exclusive to guests who book their reservations with Expanding Horizons.