After graduating Dartmouth College in 1999, Jordan Fiorentini headed west for a novelty experience, to work the harvest in Napa Valley. That experience paved her future. She applied and completed the UC Davis’ Masters of Viticulture & Enology program.Since graduation Jordan has worked at Araujo Estate in Napa Valley, her family’s winery in the Northeast Georgia Mountains and as Director of Winemaking at Chalk Hill in Sonoma County.

Her vintage experiences also took her to Tuscany, Italy in 2002. She worked at the Antinori Tignanello Estate and met her future husband Manu.Today Manu Fiorentini is an importer and distributor of Italian winemaking equipment, tanks and French oak barrels, and his own mobile wine treatment company servicing wineries from British Columbia south to Temecula California. Jordan and Manu raise their 2 daughters, immersed in the vines, on California’s Central Coast.

In 2010, Jordan’s winemaking dreams found their canvas by meeting Epoch Estate Wines’ owners, Bill and Liz Armstrong, on their Paderewski Vineyard in West Paso Robles.The Epoch winemaking mission and unique vineyards stole Jordan’s heart. She packed up the family and moved from Sonoma County to the quaint Central Coast town of Paso Robles. Jordan oversees all the wine and vine decisions and management of the Epoch Estate winery. She and her staff work tirelessly to ensure every bottle of Epoch is at its best.

Join Jordan and Manu Fiorentini on this special wine cruise, a voyage of discovery down the mighty Danube River visiting Hungary, Austria and Germany. 

Adam Montiel and Jeremy West are Central Coast California radio personalities. Their popular program “Liquid Lunch” focuses on the wine industry and is heard by over 250,000 listeners from Monterey to Santa Barbara.They are also big fans of Jordan, her Epoch Estate wines and Ama Waterways.This will be their third Ama Waterways cruise. On board AmaLea and down the Danube, Adam & Jeremy will be recording shows for air the same day in California.Be part of the fun and join the conversation!

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Please note: This Melodies of the Danube River Cruise 2020 (hosted by Epoch Estate Wines) wine tasting tour is created by our tour operator, Expanding Horizons of Tustin, CA in conjunction with AmaWaterways. This is the most popular river cruise itinerary in Europe and will sell out. The pre and/or post-cruise tour program may contain private meals, tours and/or visits to attractions. These additional services are exclusive to guests on this cruise who book their reservations with Expanding Horizons. Persons booking with alternative travel agencies will not be included in these activities.