Michael Barreto, Winemaker
Le Vigne Winery – Paso Robles, CA

Michael Barreto got hooked on wine by making his first barrel at home in 1999. After taking courses, he secured his first winery job in 2001, progressing quickly from a cellar position into the laboratory. He and wife Joey moved to California’s Central Coast. In 2003, Michael started at Le Vigne Winery, quickly elevating the quality and reputation of the wines. By 2009, the Le Vigne labels evolved into high-end quality wines, a testament to the winery’s superb Paso Robles vineyard.
Michael enjoys taking wines to the next level. His “AmeRhone” is a process designed to preserve concentrated flavors from the time the grapes are picked. Special tactics solidify and intensify tastes through increased skin contact before pressing. The end result is a soft, red-violet treasure.

His strong background in Agricultural Business helped tremendously, including produce sales, farming analysis and accounting. “There are many facets to being a winemaker, from walking the vineyard to interacting with customers in the tasting room. Even the hectic sleepless environment of harvest can be joyful. A tremendous feeling results at the end of much hard work and nurturing the vines, concentrated into a wonderful vintage.”

Join Michael and Joey Barreto on a wonderful voyage up and down Portugal’s Douro River Valley, aboard the brand new 102 passenger AmaDouro. The Douro River Valley is one of Europe’s best kept secrets, home to 2,000 year old Roman vineyards and delightful “quintas” that produce world class port and red wines. The villages are lovely, with gracious inhabitants who delight in receiving visitors from around the world.

Please note: This tour and cruise program is created solely for Le Vigne by our tour operator, Expanding Horizons of Tustin CA in conjunction with AmaWaterways. The pre and/or post-cruise program will contain private meals, tours and/or visits to attractions. These additional services are exclusive to guests on this cruise who book their reservations with Expanding Horizons. Persons booking with alternative travel agencies will not be included in these activities.

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