Christopher Madrigal’s family legacy is the epitome of the American dream; since the late 1930s, three generations of Madrigal’s have farmed some of the Napa Valley’s finest vineyards.Starting with nothing more than a pickup truck, a pair of pruning shears and an endless supply of work ethic the fruits of their labor created a wine brand of their own in 1995.Madrigal Family Winery is built on their 40-acre estate producing just under 10,000 cases, featuring Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo, Garnacha, and Petite Sirah.The family history is a constant source of inspiration to Christopher and wife Christina, who enjoy creating an atmosphere that embraces tradition, a passion for great food, wine, and music, and a place where everyone feels like family.For the Madrigal’s, including their three children, travel is an essential part of who they are.Their daughter, Lauren, graduated from The American University of Paris in 2017; their son, Santiago, will graduate from St. Louis University Madrid in 2020, and the youngest, Pierce, will be attending IE Madrid in the fall.Similar to how the Madrigal’s embrace the world of wine, Christopher and Christina enjoy experiencing an adventurous way of living while meeting new people everywhere they go.

Join Chris & Christina Madrigal on a voyage of discovery along the Rhine River, through Holland, Germany, France and Switzerland. Explore the cities of Amsterdam, Cologne, Strasbourg and Basel and charming villages along the way, in addition to the wine regions of the German Rheingau and French Alsace.

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Please note: This Captivating Rhine Cruise 2020 (hosted by Madrigal Vineyards) wine tasting tour is created by our tour operator, Expanding Horizons of Tustin, CA in conjunction with AmaWaterways. This is the most popular river cruise itinerary in Europe and will sell out. The pre and/or post-cruise tour program may contain private meals, tours and/or visits to attractions. These additional services are exclusive to guests on this cruise who book their reservations with Expanding Horizons. Persons booking with alternative travel agencies will not be included in these activities.