Romantic Danube Cruise


All around fantastic cruise vacation I highly recommend.  Prague is simply beautiful with so much to see and do.  Shopping is great.  The city’s jewelry district is especially known for having high quality Garnet stones, set into rings, necklaces, pendants and single stones.

The Danube cities have wonderful cathedrals and castles.  I took the optional tour to “Terezin,” a military fortress built in the time of Napoleon, then converted to a Nazi WWII concentration camp.  This experience was both worthwhile and deeply moving, something to definitely remember!

When you are not sightseeing the view from the boat is always amazing.  Be it from your cabin or on the top deck its beautiful and relaxing.  All ports are excellent!  Visiting Austria was an absolute favorite for me.  Slovakia has very fine, reasonable, crystal.  Ending in Budapest was spectacular just a perfect end to a fabulous vacation.

Wendy Spates

Huntington Beach, CA

Sailed on AmaDante

April 2017