Bacchus Wine & Travel Society


We are a global organization of men and women who value education, understanding and enjoyment of fine wine in spectacular locations around the world. We find travel enriching and enrich the places we travel. At every BWTS event a sum of money is apportioned and donated to a reputable local charity, in the city or country that we visit.


Pro Vino Trans Orbis Terrarum

“For Wine Across the World”


Annual: Bacchanalia Tropicale is held each year in an attractive tropical resort or on an ocean voyage cruising the Caribbean, South Pacific or Hawaii.

Grand Cru Cruise: annual river or ocean cruise, with ports of call accessible to global wine destinations such as France’s Bordeaux region, Rhone Valley, Seine River/Champagne region, Portugal’s Douro River or the Rhine Gorge.

Regional Chapters: Southwest, Northern California, Pacific Northwest, Rocky Mountain, Texas, Upper Midwest, Central U.S., New England, New York, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Florida

Special Inclusions:

  • Dedicated Wine Hosts: Professional winemakers, vintners or wine experts conducting tastings and educational seminars
  • Special Visits: solely for BWTS members, to historical or significant local wineries, establishments or places of interest
  • Gourmet Dinner: pairing host wines with menu selections
  • Bacchanalia Tropicale and Awards Ceremony: with a gala Toga party