Dwell Wines

Dear Wine Adventurers,

We became interested in wine in 1994 while visiting Napa. We noticed the joy and passion of the winemakers and farmers. They seemed happy. And with that trip, the dream of living such a life sprouted. In January 2019, we made it a goal to move on the dream or let it go. We Googled “vineyards for sale in Southern Oregon” and our vineyard appeared. In October 2019, we purchased a vineyard in Applegate Valley with established vines. In May 2021, after living in Dallas Texas for 30 years and raising our family, we sold our home and retired from our corporate jobs to move to Southern Oregon to farm the vineyard and begin making wine. 

Dwell Wines was created with the simple purpose of bringing people together over good wine. We aim to create moments of togetherness by bottling the joy drawn from God’s creation with as little interference as possible. Intentionality is at the heart of everything we do, from how we grow and harvest our grapes to the way in which we use the wine as a means to connect with others. We actively seek to make the best wine and wine experiences. We believe we have created an ultimate wine experience you may find of interest!

We cordially invite you to join us in France, aboard the luxurious AmaCello river cruise ship, for a voyage up the stunning Rhone River. This is a holiday that combines history, wine, and fine dining with scenic transition – from the arid Mediterranean landscape of Provence to the lush countryside of northern France and Burgundy. Along the way, we’ll share both Dwell and French wines and experience fabulous French cuisine, the charming cities and towns of the Rhone River Valley and the magic of Burgundy. This is a once in a lifetime wine experience and we want to experience it with you!

Linda and Brent Gee
Founders | Owners
Dwell Wines

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Contact – Heather McLemore
Direct Line – 1-714-975-8167
Email – Heather@Expanding-Horizons.com

Please note: Essence of Burgundy and Provence River Cruise 2025 (hosted by Dwell Wines) wine tasting tour is created by our tour operator, Expanding Horizons of Tustin, CA in conjunction with AmaWaterways. This is the most popular river cruise itinerary in Europe and will sell out. The pre and/or post-cruise tour program may contain private meals, tours and/or visits to attractions. These additional services are exclusive to guests on this cruise who book their reservations with Expanding Horizons. Persons booking with alternative travel agencies will not be included in these activities.